Who is ICT?

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ict_homeICT is offering its clients safe real estate investments for more than 20 years. From the most basic real estate developments in South West Florida, to high yield developments from Miami to Palm Beach, to overseas market developments. ICT has done it all and done so with conservative strategies that have always yielded maximum returns for safe investments.

Let us offer you a new old-way of investing. Conservatively with smart strategy.  

Who is ICT?

Today’s company structure of the ICT Group of companies originated in the early 90’s out of ICT Consulting and Trading, Limited in Hong Kong. In 1992 a branch office was added in Monte Carlo/Monaco for all European trades. With the anticipated turnover of Hong Kong to communist China ICT headquarters decided to find a practical place between Asia and Europe.
The US was the logical choice as more and more business was done on this continent.

In 1994 the company transfer began to Miami / Florida. A new headquarter in Bay Harbor Islands/Miami Beach was purchased in 1995 and the build-out completed in April of 1996. This was when the final move was made and all operations in Hong Kong and Monte Carlo were consolidated to Miami.

Since then the company has improved its investment side to one of its leading divisions. 

ICT is not a real estate brokerage! We do not trade in third-party properties but in properties that are owned by our company. We also offer Real Estate Equity Funds that are setup by ICT and in which the company has a share interest in. 

The  Ownership:

ICT and its companies are privately traded companies. The shares are owned by individual partners. On some occasions we offer shares on development projects we are working on. Usually these shares are controlled and secured through attorneys. Highest security for investments is constantly our goal.