Residential Developement


GAVILAN_WINE_ESTATESSan Rafael, Mendoza – Argentina

Gavilan Wine Estates is a project we started in 2010. The property is over 200 acres and is situated at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Argentina, specifically in the Mendoza Region in the city of San Rafael. In the over 100 acres of working vineyard we are offering 14 exclusive 5-acre (2ha) vineyards for private owners within the complex. These are individually owned and deeded properties with access to the amenities of the main property.

The Gavilan Wine Estates offer owners the opportunity to build a house or simply use the property to have their own working vineyard. No hassle, no worries. The vineyard can be maintained by the staff of Gavilan Vineyards. During the harvest the owner has the choice to either have the grapes made into wine or sell them to a local winery.

Building is inexpensive and great architects are at hand to design your dream house among the vines or simply keep your vineyard as a long term investment.

Only two private vineyards remain!!!